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Royal and Raw Auditions 3



Puppy Productions
Thomas Bjorn
137 mins
4 Apr, 2016



Nathan Douglas and David Heydon are fascinated by Lee Wright's P.A. before attentions turn to Nathan's ripped bod and David's enormous appendage. Show and tell progresses to lick and suck, but Lee is first. Nathan joins Sean McKenzie and Bradin Neil for their first time. As the newbies swap spit, Nathan slobs on Sean's knob. Sean returns the favor while Bradin chews on Sean's stick. Nathan barebacks Sean's eager bottom, which only encourages Bradin to get into the action, this boy really likes to pound some ass! So much so, when he's paired with Joshua Cartier on the casting couch, he relentlessly tosses him about in various positions. He exhibits his porn potential by thumping Joshua's ass like a real pro. Yep, he sure likes to fuck. At a boyish nineteen, Craig John is undoubtedly a porn-virgin. He is partnered with dark and sexy, Kyle Lucas, who eases his way into Craig's jeans and onto his cock. The 69 and ass-eats demonstrate their hunger, but most exciting of all is watching Kyle's big, uncut beast thrust into Craig's tender cheeks. Kyle plows this bottom boy in several positions before directing him to trade off and fuck his hole. Kyle lays back...spreads his legs wide...and accepts Craig's plunges...all-the-while stroking his own stiff cock to an explosive climax. Lee, who premiers in scene one, coaxes Danny Michaels' mighty member to rigid arousal. Danny, in turn, swallows Lee's meat before licking and probing his hungry hole. Lee climbs atop Danny's long-dong for a raw-ride of pleasure, only briefly pausing to get a taste of his own hole from Danny's still-moist bone. Lee's constant groans and 100% hard cock shows that he experiences absolute ecstasy from Danny's big boy. If that isn't proof enough, what if Lee cums twice?

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Scene #2   28:52 minutes Watch
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Scene #3   21:58 minutes Watch
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Scene #4   29:24 minutes Watch
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Scene #5   25:07 minutes Watch
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